A recent letter to the editor suggested making a list of President Trump’s accomplishments over the past 2 1/2 years. Here is a partial list:

1. Withdrew the U.S. from the non-binding Paris Agreement on climate change becoming, at the time, the only country on Earth to withdraw from the international treaty dealing with the harmful effects of climate change.

2. He created and oversaw the longest U.S. government shutdown in history.

3. Candidate Trump promised to eliminate the nation’s debt in eight years. When he took office in 2016, the U.S. debt was $19.5 trillion. Two and a half years later, it is $22.8 trillion and has increased by $1.5 trillion since the Trump tax cuts were implemented.

4. Candidate Trump promised to “empty the swamp” in Washington D.C. Having hired people like Michael Cohen, Tom Price, Scott Pruitt, Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort, the swamp is deeper and more toxic than ever.

The writer of the letter got one thing right: I will need extra sheets to list all of Trump’s accomplishments.

Edward Carlson

Traverse City

Public comment

On Tuesday, June 11, BOC Commissioner Clous gave his report to the Blair Township Board of Trustees. One of the topics he addressed was the meeting time change and he used statistics to mislead. He said correctly that there is more public comment now at the 8 a.m. meeting than the 5:30 p.m. meetings. He implied that most comments are about the new meeting time. He never said that public comments cover a wide variety of topics including clear cutting at the airport, rejection of the harm reduction funds, Mary Marois’ appointment, goal setting suggestions and the initial rejection of the 2 percent money from the GT Band.

He also failed to note that the attendees at the BOC meetings are mostly retired folks. Seldom does someone without gray hair attend. Working folks can’t get there at prime working time.

When you watch someone using statistics to mislead people, you wonder what else they are shading to their advantage. Mr. Clous has also decided that it’s nobody’s business what his business dealings are and remains adamantly opposed to any form of disclosure statement. Come 2020, vote honesty and transparency in local government.

Linda Pepper