Political accountability

Larry Inman must be removed from the legislature without further delay. The longer he hangs around, the longer he’ll hunker down and ride out the storm. He’s counting on the 24/7 news cycle to blow through so he can keep his job, his salary and his title. That’s how things are done these days: weather the public outrage for a few days to a week, and the news media will quickly move on to the next shiny thing or controversy.

The burden of action now rests with House Speaker Lee Chatfield. He can stand up to politicians who betray the public trust and show that he won’t tolerate bad behavior, or he can be an accomplice in the failure to hold to account a politician charged with bribery who has failed the public trust.

Chatfield can either act or turn a blind eye to the corruption of our state legislature!

Lynne Van Ness

Traverse City

NMC contract

Perhaps it’s too early to see letters to the editor or editorials related to the May 27 issue of the Record-Eagle on the NMC contract dispute between faculty/faculty chairs and the administration. Patti Brandt Burgess’ article was most interesting.

According to faculty sources, faculty pay has fallen to 8 percent below the average for the 28 Michigan community colleges. Salary and benefit negotiations, which are apparently deadlocked, started nine months ago. From a public source, data is available for 2014-2018:

- Tuition increased 14 percent

- Faculty salaries increased 1.3 percent

- Administration salaries increased 26.5 percent

It looks like students and faculty paid for a great deal of administration. Using a sports analogy, administration romped over the students and faculty. Rather than go to a mediator, I suggest the following:

- Tuition decrease of 2-4 percent for the next three years

- Faculty salary increase of 4 percent for each of the next three years

- Decrease administration salaries by 18-20 percent for the next three years

Is the board of trustees MIA? Who remembers the administration’s “free speech zones” of 2013?

Munson did the right thing in its long-lasting negotiation with nurses. Can NMC do the same for faculty, saving wasted time and money in the process?

R.J. McElroy