Love better leadership

Leadership is commitment, humility, curiosity and compassion. Leadership requires an acknowledgement of what we missed, where we fell short, and what we don’t know. It means that we interrupt harmful behaviors, not ignore, enable or explain them away. I’m a member of Northern Michigan for Accountable Government (NMAG) and we’re launching a new February campaign: Love the Ones You Lead.

We know Valentine’s Day just passed, but it’s never too late to show our community some love by demanding our elected officials do better. We’ll be sharing our own heartfelt messages of accountability all month (ahem, Sheriff Tom Bensley and Commissioner Rob Hentschel); we also have a downloadable template for you to print and/or send to the elected official(s) of your choice ( Mail them a note letting them know you expect better, and let us know what leadership means to you using the hashtag #LoveTheOnesYouLead. This February, let’s show our local electeds what love in action looks like — by demanding our community gets the leadership it deserves.

Allison Zimpfer-Hoerr

Traverse City

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