Trump appeased Turkey dictator

Oct. 6, the White House press secretary announces President Trump spoke with Turkey President Erdogan by telephone. Turkey will advance its operation into northern Syria. The United States armed forces will no longer be in the area.

Oct. 9, Turkish military shells civilian villages in Syria. Turkish air force strafes Syrian civilians and the Kurdish military.

Oct. 12, Harvin Khalaf, 34, secretary general Future Syria Party brutally assassinated at Turkish-backed militant roadblock. This assassination is a war crime. Her funeral was Oct. 14.

Oct. 16, Vice President Pence announces Turkey has agreed to temporary cease-fire. Turkey states it is a pause in fighting.

Oct. 18, Senate majority leader writes, “Unless halted, our retreat will invite the brutal Assad regime in Syria and its Iranian backers to expand their influence. And we are ignoring Russia’s efforts to leverage its increasingly dominant position in Syria to amass power and influence throughout the Middle East and beyond.”

President Trump says the pause in Turkey’s invasion is a great day for Turkey, the United States, the Kurds and civilization. While President Trump watches closely, Turkey’s military is killing Syrian civilians, women, children and the Kurds.

Christopher Wright


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