Clous continues to inflict damage

By proposing the Grand Traverse County commission adopt a resolution of support for Rep. Jack Bergman, Ron Clous just essentially raised his middle finger to thousands of citizens in our community. Fresh from a commission meeting where he publicly lauded those bastions of "decency and respect," the Proud Boys (apparently only when they aren't attacking the U.S. Capitol?), while concurrently displaying a rifle to show his support for them and intimidate a public commentator, he is doubling down and implicitly signaling, by strategically highlighting Rep. Bergman, that he is a "stop the steal" guy as well.

What's coming next in March from Mr. Clous? A resolution of support for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene? It is disheartening to have Mr. Clous emerging as the face of our region in the national media. We are on a roll but it is back down the hill. From a recent plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in Elk Rapids to Mr. Clous' gun toting, Proud Boys supporting antics as a taxpayer supported commissioner — we have substantial community reputation damage control to execute.

So many people work hard to make this community the special place it truly is — Mr. Clous seems intent on not being one.

Jesse Wolff

Traverse City

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