FishPass should come to fruition

For both personal and professional reasons, I'm in favor of the FishPass project proposed for the Ottaway/Boardman River and I believe that its potential for success stands to benefit not only the Ottaway/Boardman, but rivers worldwide. While I'm fervently opposed to the upstream passage of Pacific salmonids in the river, I would like to see the bidirectional passage of native Great Lakes basin fish.

Trees cut during construction will be replanted and just because I may not live to enjoy the shade of their mature canopies, it doesn't mean my descendants won't. The planned park amenities will be a great improvement over what is currently in place, making it a location appropriate for families, especially those having little kids.

FishPass has worldwide implications in how to manage biotic connectivity in rivers, which as a biologist is extremely important to me. This work needs to happen on "somebody's" river and the potential benefits outweigh the potential costs when it comes to goring our local sacred cow. To do otherwise by maintaining the status quo is both short-sighted and ungenerous.

Nate Winkler

Traverse City

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