TC rides with Ty

As a former member of Norte’s core staff team (from June 2020 to July 2021), Ty Schmidt’s incredible, relentlessly positive leadership defined my amazing work experience. Leaving that wonderful environment to return to academic studies was a heartbreak for me, and I always hoped to return. Ty is the most dynamic individual anyone could hope to work with, constantly uplifting and supporting those he works with. Norte families and kids, volunteers and community members at large can testify to Ty’s individual impact on them.

The Board of Directors’ decision was 100 percent wrong, as was their choice to frame it as a mutual “part[ing of] ways.” Norte will always be the creation of Ty and Johanna Schmidt, as well as the amazing core staff, volunteers and coaches who execute their mission on the ground every day. I am filled with gratitude for what those folks do.

The current board needs to resign, as this decision has proven that they are not the proper leadership for Norte. This incredible organization needs a board that can support the mission of happy, healthy and strong communities. TC rides with Ty, forever.

Jessie Williams

Traverse City

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