Vote on it

For years now, the Great Lakes Fishery Commission and the governmental entities that have been busy ramming the FishPass project through and around legal and regulatory hurdles have crowed that the process has been entirely transparent.

That’s not true. Those who have followed this scientific experiment/theme park remember the disastrous meeting that the commission and Downtown Development Authority hosted in October 2019 at the Opera House during which they refused to answer a single question about FishPass.

Then, in January 2020, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers determined that an Environmental Impact Statement would not be done because the project was not deemed to be “in the public interest” and would not “significantly affect the quality of the human environment.” Now, the people who want to build this concrete monstrosity on the Boardman River so that the Department of Natural Resources can begin sending non-native sportfish up the river, threatening the future of the river’s wild brook trout fishery, want to prevent the public from having a say in the destruction of Union Street Dam Park.

The city charter could not be more explicit: They cannot do so unless three-fifths of the voters approve it. Let us vote on it.

Ted Wendling

Traverse City

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