School shootings commentary was deceptive

The 9/11 commentary about school shootings, saying how virtually everyone supposedly surveyed supports stricter gun controls, is deceptive on its face: Who was surveyed and how were the questions worded?

Polls can be rigged by participant selection: For example, stacking it with Democrats and then using loaded terms such as "assault-style weapons" without defining same. I suspect this here since both authors are educators, a notoriously left-wing and anti-gun group.

I don't believe for one minute that those high percentages of NRA members and CPL holders actually support the drastic restrictions that the survey says they support.

Space prohibits individual rebuttal, but the line about 71 percent of NRA members supporting criminal penalties for persons buying a gun for another person is downright deceptive. You can buy a gun for another person as a gift, for example, as long as the other person is not a prohibited person — i.e. a convicted felon. The latter is called a "strawman purchase" and it is already illegal.

Allowing (but not requiring) school staff to go anonymously armed and advertising that fact, hardening the target, is the best solution anyway and it doesn't violate anyone's rights. 

Carole Underwood

Maple City 

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