Tunnel resolution

I’m appalled and frustrated with the honorable body of government, our Grand Traverse County commissioners. Commissioner Brad Jewett, representing District Two, introduced the controversial resolution. The idea that the commissioners entertain, and then approve a resolution in support of the Line 5 tunnel is absurd.

Is this group of elected officials truly representing its constituents? The answer is no!

With the Grand Traverse County resolution of support, several other counties are proposing similar action. For our northwestern region and the state relying heavily on tourist dollars, compromising the Great Lakes in any manner is unconscionable.

The track record of Canada’s Enbridge, which owns and operates Line 5, is far from stellar. Remember the pollution of the Kalamazoo River? That disaster was courtesy of Enbridge. How the Line 5 pipeline has far exceeded its projected longevity is miraculous. Sadly, a disaster is waiting to happen.

The construction of a tunnel is NOT the solution. The solution is to shut down and remove Line 5! Please rescind your support of the ludicrous proposal for a tunnel to protect an aging pipeline. We don’t want an ecological disaster to occur in the waters of the Straits of Mackinac.

What the heck are you thinking??

Carol Tompkins-Parker

Traverse City

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