Constitutional bounty hunters

The recent Texas abortion law appears to have found a legal way to strip women of their constitutional rights. All you have to do is stretch a normal restriction to absurd lengths. Then, turn people into bounty hunters who can sue anyone who helps for $10,000. This may seem like a clever stunt, but we will soon learn this can be used to legally strip away all of our constitutional rights.

Take gun ownership, for example. Instead of a reasonable one- or two-day waiting period, you could extend it out to say five years. Then enforce it by letting anyone sue a person who sells or helps someone buy a gun for a $10,000 bounty. A completely legal way to strip away people’s constitutional right to buy a gun. In fact, this stunt will work on literally all of our rights.

Right now, democrats in Congress are trying to find a legal way to override this law. Republicans had better pray they succeed.

John Teesdale


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