Perspective from former board member

This letter is in response to the Dec. 27 article about the Elk Rapids District Library.

I am writing this from the perspective of a former board member involved in the initial approval of the library expansion, the organization of the Capital Campaign and the development of the most recent strategic plan.

The question of how to handle donations to the campaign was discussed in public library board meetings several times. It was agreed to have the Friends of the Library (a 501c3) accept donations. The library director asked to be involved directly with the donations to deposit them and that was also agreed upon by the board. Neither the Library Board, nor the Capital Campaign handled any donations.

There was a profit and loss statement for the Capital Campaign included in the treasurer's report monthly.

During the development of the current strategic plan, we agreed upon certain values including respect for each other as important to remember going forward. My departure from the board had to do with the fact that those values were not being followed by some members of the board and there seemed to be an effort to discredit the Capital Campaign and the library expansion.

Jane Stauffer

Former Elk Rapids District Library board member

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