Don't cause confusion

Over the years I considered the coverage well done for local and national issues. However, the Sunday, Oct. 11 front page photo showed a lady sitting at an outdoor table at some dining establishment with visible notary public signage indicating that a notary was necessary for absentee voting.

The lady was not in Traverse City. The article contained information on states and their voting rules. The photo and visual message were misleading. Michigan does not require a notary signature, unless the voter needs another person to help them complete the absentee ballot.

Voting absentee in Michigan has recently changed. Clear information about voting and absentee voting, applicable to our state and local requirements, would have been extremely helpful. Some people resist voting due to lack of information. You confused the issue for many of us no matter how accurate the article was.

Visit for non-partisan information specific to individual precincts. It is published by the League of Women Voters and can be linked to the state of Michigan website for voter information.

The community, especially now, needs you to get information to the people.

Deborah Starnes


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