Bergman turned his back

Northern Michigan's representative to the U.S. House of Representatives Jack Bergman chose to attempt to overturn our legal, verified and certified election results. He did this hours after the man he was supporting incited a mob to attack democracy, attack the United States, and attack our constitution. Who was he representing? Those of us who support our country, or those who reject our Republic?

We in northern Michigan should be ashamed of him. He has clearly turned his back on his pledge as a Representative and as a member of our military to defend democracy.

I would like him to be held accountable for his cowardly behavior. He chose to support an insurrectionist over his country and those of us who he was elected to represent.

Like any coward, he likely won't show his face to answer for his decision. But let those of us who are disgusted by his actions never forget that he was a traitor to our framers and to the United States of America.

Shame on him.

Peter Starkel

Traverse City

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