A lasting legacy

The overhaul of the Union Street Dam on the Boardman River and the creation of a state-of-the art FishPass System merit the support of local residents and businesses. This is the capstone project in the largest dam removal project in the history of Michigan. The project will protect trees and natural features along the river corridor. Access to the river and improvements to the park will also be included. I strongly believe it will benefit both the environment and the local economy.

I have had the privilege of being involved in the Boardman River Dams Ecosystems Restoration Project since 2008 when we began gathering community input. Over the ensuing years, millions of dollars of federal, state, local public and private funding have been deployed to implement a comprehensive plan based on citizen input and science. The results have been impressive and dramatic. The FishPass will be a gemstone in the heart of our downtown. I urge everyone to support the final phase in this historic project. It will leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Marsha Smith

Traverse City

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