Vote on tunnel

The 4 to 3 vote of the GT County Board of Commissioners to support the Line 5 tunnel showed me the recently named "Gang of Four" has no interest in working for the benefit of the people of their districts.

Brad Jewett's introducing the Line 5 tunnel vote shows he is more interested in lobbying for a foreign oil company than working on the problems our county is facing.

The BOC is avoiding the more important local issues to show support of something over which they have no control. One can't help but wonder about the ulterior motive behind the supporting votes. Are they perhaps "auditioning" for potential donors or a more prestigious political position?

Commissioner Jewett said the tunnel presents no danger to him or his family. This attitude shows a total disregard of his required concern as a commissioner to protect northern Michigan, its waters and economic stability.

This vote has ignored the opinions of the constituents of Grand Traverse County. The people in District 5 need to keep a close watch over what else Jewett might have on his to-do list. It's unlikely to be something to help his constituents.

Paul Singer

Traverse City

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