Don't pave 14th Street lot

During the past several years, Traverse City has included environmental criteria when reviewing building projects and made permeable soil an important factor. Several high-profile projects were required to alter their original site plans to accommodate the goal of reducing water runoff into the sewers and lake, including Immaculate Conception Grade School. Now comes along Traverse City Area Public Schools with a plan to “pave and their parking lot” at Thirlby Field to allow for more cars so it is not haphazard parking. This flies in the face of Traverse City’s goal to reduce runoff and pollution.

It would be better to plant a durable water-resistant grass and use the football striping equipment to stripe the parking on the grass during fall and spring events. This would accomplish the goal of more organized parking and still be environmentally friendly and provide badly needed green space along 14th Street.

Norm Schmitt

Traverse City

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