Good deeds of those around us

I was recently jogging on the trails in the Grand Traverse Commons when I inhaled a yellow jacket and was stung in the throat. As my throat swelled, I began having difficulty breathing. I made it down the trail and came out of the woods by the Historic Barns where I saw people in the garden. I wasn't very coherent as I struggled to ask for a ride to the emergency room. What I remember is one couple immediately taking action, helping me into their truck and racing me to the ER. I never got their names, but I have no doubt their actions were essential in my positive outcome.

Somewhere in our community are a blond woman and a dark-haired man with a black pickup truck whom I owe a debt of gratitude. They took instant action, without hesitation, to help a complete stranger who stumbled out of the woods in distress. I never even got their names, but don't want their actions to go unnoticed or their kindness unappreciated.

I also want to express my gratitude to the nurses and doctors in the Munson Medical Center ER. They are absolutely amazing and wonderful miracle workers. 

Jeff Rundio

Traverse City

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