We the People

Yes, those words begin the Preamble to our U.S. Constitution — but do they really have meaning these days? It doesn’t seem so, given the assaults on the rights of residents of Traverse City to vote on whether buildings taller than 60 feet should be allowed in Traverse City.

NMEAC had many reasons for joining the original lawsuit limiting building heights: to bring support for this charter amendment, to protect migratory bird routes, to protect air flow and sunlight for surrounding structures, and to protect our water resources. Overdevelopment by those who do not live here is destroying the character of the town and negatively impacting the health of its neighborhoods and our environment.

“Business as usual” will not be possible in our rapidly changing world. The climate crisis calls out for us to protect fresh air and water, reduce use of fossil fuels and other toxic substances to preserve a habitable world. These must be the overarching principles that guide any planning for our neighborhoods and our downtown. Leadership has a responsibility to plan for the health and welfare of all — especially those who live here and pay taxes.

The right to vote must never be compromised.

Ann Rogers

Traverse City

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