As a proud Trump supporter who lived in NYC, I must point out that he wasn't labeled a racist, supremacist, or religious bigot until he ran for president. He supported candidates on both sides of the aisle. And I marvel at the stone-throwing folks in glass houses regarding their charges of hateful rhetoric, leaking, lack of transparency, collusion, bribery, obstruction of justice and destruction of the Constitution.

Who would have ever guessed that the U.S. would have an attempted coup d'etat from within (our own Justice Department)?

The next recession, a normal part of our cyclical economy, is long overdue. But even a devastating recession would seem like prosperity, compared to the abject poverty we would experience if socialism were to get a foothold. Bear markets eventually become bull markets. But socialism only continues to degrade countries, killing the work ethic, ambition, innovation, entrepreneurship and the freedoms we all enjoy. If our government can't successfully run and sustain Social Security, why would a sane people entrust our entire government and economy to them? State ownership becomes a dictatorship.

My hope is that young people who don't understand economies will compare and contrast socialism and capitalism. Free isn't free. Think about it. Prosperity and freedom? Poverty and socialism? Our government with checks and balances has served us pretty well for more than 200 years. Don't risk losing it.

Linda Rogers


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