Where is our plan?

Why do people tolerate that which will eventually destroy all life on Earth? The Climate Crisis is now at Code Red, according to the IPCC.

In Michigan, our lakes are warming, creating toxic algae blooms. Farmers are experiencing erratic weather and changes in planting zones. Unwanted insects and arboreal diseases are moving north. Our forests are stressed; so are our children. Decisions we make today will determine if the children/grandchildren of all species survive.

What are you doing to prepare for the future? What are public officials in our cities and counties doing? Every community needs a Climate Action Plan as a top priority. We should assess what we have, what we need and how we can cut emissions in half by 2030, by changing ordinances to allow more solar and wind, changing building codes to require more insulation, green roofs and preservation of fresh water. We need to protect pollinators by banning neonicotinoids from lawns and gardens. We need to prioritize green spaces and plant more trees. The Earth can survive without us, but we cannot survive without the Earth.

What is your plan? Will you be the adult in the room, joining the children in calling for action?

Ann Rogers

Traverse City

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