Crisis time for the Earth

We are living in crisis times. California burns after years of drought, hurricanes ravage the south, oceans warm, the Great Plains (our “bread basket”) is ravaged by storms. The fossil fuel industry and leadership in Washington don't take responsibility. The U.S. is 4 percent of the world’s population, but we produce 25 percent of CO2 pollution.

James Hansen warned us over 30 years ago. The International Panel on Climate Change (scientists from all over the world) warn that unless we act to stabilize and reverse this, we will see more unpredictable weather, severe storms, food deserts, major drought and huge migrations of displaced peoples.

Fresh water and food are not optional. Every day brings us closer to the point of no return. It is predicted by scientists that we only have about 10 years to make a difference in reducing the warming and pollution. Reducing your personal use of fossil fuels is good, but it is not enough.

We have seen the young people trying to lead us. Now it is up to us to elect leaders who believe in science and will actively engage in all that is needed to protect the only Earth we have.

Ann Rogers

Traverse City

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