Protect our fragile democracy

I’m tired of being called socialist by people who never lived in a social democracy. I’m tired of being called a liberal by people whose education comes from TV commentators notorious for misinformation.

I love this country and will defend it with my life despite its missteps. I know its potential and I’ll strive for that realization. The ease with which the radical segment of our population can label their opposition and attach to it every negative attribute known to man since medieval times saddens me.

It creates such a barrier to rational debate that there isn't room for reasoned discussion. I fear a vocal minority that shouts against their bogeyman of "socialism” while mindlessly supporting those whose tactics bring us closer to a Russian-style autocracy.

What keeps me going are friends who read books rather than watch TV or prowl the internet. People who debate issues rather than mindlessly mouthing slogans. Those who don't bring into the argument that our free press isn't to be trusted because it's “the liberal media” and that our public health system should be disregarded because it doesn't agree with current conspiracy theories.

We need to protect our fragile democracy and be mindful of what liberty and justice for all really means.

Whitney Roberts

Elmwood Township

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