A year to be grateful for

This loving, helpful, generous and encouraging family. Spectacular sunsets over beautiful Lake Michigan. Playground noises, the louder the better.

Handwritten and clever letters in our mailbox. Considerate, big-hearted and hilarious friends. Awesome array of lovely color splashed across autumn trees.

Imagination sparkling in children's eyes. Magic fireflies dancing in our gardens. Music speaks when words fail.

Kind, competent, compassionate professionals who serve us. Salmon powerfully swimming upstream every year. Wind whispering across the tops of pine trees.

Clear, sweet, shiny water laughing at us: "Minnehaha!"

Heavenly constellations, sometimes hidden by the glorious aurora borealis. Frolicking kids with their pets. Delightful food and drink and the hands that prepare them.

Exquisite ice castles along the shore. So many enjoyable books, so little time. The loons' lovely call in the morning mist. Kids' art to hang on the fridge.

And especially cherished and appreciated are you.

Jessica A. Rickert

Traverse City

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