Our Republican state leaders

I want to thank the mayor of Traverse City, Jim Carruthers, for his forum on Nov. 13. As the numbers of infections from COVID-19 keep rising, it was a welcome statement from a leader in our community. In contrast, our representatives in Lansing have and continue to criticize Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for anything she tries in order to lower the infection rate and have been silent on how to move forward and get through the pandemic.

Lee Chatfield, the speaker of the House, said on television that the Republican leaders have a plan and it doesn’t just include wearing face masks. Well, Mr. Chatfield, I wonder if you could share that plan with the rest of us. Right now Mr. Chatfield is meeting with President Donald Trump about overturning the vote in Michigan while more and more people are getting very sick, and our health care workers are being overworked. Our Republican leaders don’t seem to have much interest in the physical and mental health of the people of Michigan.

Joan Richardson


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