Missed our opportunity

We blew it. We saw trees, but no forest. We lost logic. We missed a fighting chance to beat COVID-19, instead of heading to the hospital.

After a month of figuring the physiological dynamics, maybe more time on a huge outpatient public health effort for significant symptoms and providing basic known medicines, vitamins/minerals, would have reduced the inflammation, reduced any possible autoimmune cytokine reaction and rid any resultant viral or bacterial infection.

Drive-up testing was helpful, but that left us hanging. Maybe more effort on conducting a quick assessment would have been better. If significant symptoms were found, referral to the public health department or their physician for the above type medicine would have gotten them on their way to health, not the hospital.

In hindsight, I say we should give ourselves a D for “following the science.”

Had the virus in January 2020. Yes, it is like the typical respiratory flu, but different in that it feels like there is a “sealant” on the lungs. The above medicinal care better allows the “sealant” to break and start recovery.

Politics and power override our common sense. I‘m into logic and preventable havoc. Aren’t you?

Jill Rahrig


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