Trust your vote

Will voting by absentee ballot undermine the November election? The answer is no, despite the persistent claims made by those holding the highest political offices. Their allegations of widespread fraud are not supported by any credible evidence.

In fact, the best evidence that voter fraud is a non-issue is found in the research done by the conservative Heritage Foundation. It examined voter fraud in five states that have adopted universal "vote by mail" policies and discovered the following: Over the last several years Oregon discovered 14 fraudulent votes out of more than 15 million. Colorado discovered eight fraudulent votes out of almost 16 million. Washington discovered seven fraudulent votes out of more than 10 million. Utah and Hawaii found none, with almost 1 million and 7 million votest cast, respectively.

I raised the issue with City Clerk Benjamin Marentette, specifically asking him if there had been any ccases of fraud relating to absentee ballots since the last presidential election. He assured me that non had been discovered or reported.

Therefore, everyone should know and appreciate that voting by mail is safe and secure. Don't let the unsubstantiated noise claiming fraud stop you from casting your ballot by mail. Please vote.

Albert T. Quick

Traverse City

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