Seek the truth

During a recent Grand Traverse County Commissioners meeting, the board adopted a resolution concerning the county’s position on communicating the pros and cons of the available COVID vaccines to county employees and the community. Unquestionably, speaking with your health care provider is an appropriate step when anticipating making a decision regarding one’s health.

What is inappropriate is the county board making decisions based upon the anecdotal statements of unqualified people with political agendas. I refer to board Chair Rob Hentschel’s statement that he knows of two people who have died from complications resulting from a COVID vaccination.

Mr. Hentschel is possibly unique in knowing of two of the three people to have incurred a confirmed vaccine related death among the 171 million fully vaccinated people in the U.S., but given the evidence one must doubt the veracity of his statement. In addition, his use of undoubtedly erroneous information to further a personal agenda is reprehensible.

In this age of political divide, we each need to guard against those around us who seek to achieve benefit through lies and fear mongering. It is our responsibility as citizens to pursue the truth and challenge any anecdotal information, no matter the source.

Patricia Power

Traverse City

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