An apology, please

With COVID-19 raging out of control again, the U.S. Congress went on vacation. The Michigan Legislature is in session only five days this month.

With all that time off, perhaps it wouldn’t be too much to ask Rep. Jack Bergman, state Rep. Jack O’Malley, state Rep. Triston Cole and state Sen. Curt VanderWall and the rest of the Tea Party boys to author a letter of apology to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for publicly castigating her for trying to save the lives of fellow Michiganders.

These guys not only referred to the governor as “tyrannical” (and their supporters, armed to the teeth, called her much worse), but they spent a half a million dollars of taxpayers' money to force her to rescind measures that health officials deemed necessary to preserve life. Now we are back to where we started with this virus — thousands sick and hundreds dying.

Of course, a letter of apology would be admitting that they were wrong, and these Trump acolytes would never do that.

Hey, northern Michigan — you threw a Tea Party so don’t be surprised when a few Mad Hatters show up. I’ll wait for that letter of apology.

Gary S. Powell

Traverse City

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