Solon Township election

Some history of the property on the Solon Township ballot for the May 4 election: it is the rezoning of 20 acres at the northwest corner of M-72 and Lautner Road from agriculture/conservation to business-2. The property was owned by my great grandparents and later purchased by my grandparents, Theodore and Alice Lautner. They continued farming, raising dairy cattle, potatoes, cherries and other agriculture commodities.

Later they purchased property that was split with property on both sides of Allgaier Road, which was only a two track at the time. They sold a portion of that property so a new highway could be built, which is known as M-72 today. It is because of the foresight and vision of my grandparents that we have this highway. The property to the north and south of M-72 was owned by the Lautners and used for agriculture. That same property was rezoned to establish a commercial business district. Take note when you drive and look at both sides of M-72. The property is divided by Lautner Road, which is already commercial.

Once, my great grandfather owned 500 acres of farmland. How can you make a living on 20 acres of property? My grandparents would vote "yes."

Marge Pleva, granddaughter of the Lautners

Leelanau County

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