Why not from home?

The April 21 Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners meeting was bizarre. I drove from Grawn on Wednesday morning to make public comment at the meeting since they had changed the rules to only accept comment if you were there in person. After being “vetted” by security, I walked to the second floor board room to find that the commissioners were on the third floor.

You could go up there, one person at a time, to give public comment to the five commissioners who were there in person — none of whom were wearing masks. The alternative was to give public comment at the podium on the second floor.

I chose to give public comment from the second floor. I stated how we are all proficient in Zoom-like technologies and that there is no legitimate reason people cannot comment remotely. Second, I stated that gatherings without masks are not allowed by the State Health Department. Public comment should be as safe and easy as voting. I noted that the audio was very inconsistent and hard to discern.

On the drive home I realized that I had driven approximately an hour to give public comment remotely. I wondered why could I have not done the same from home?

Linda Pepper


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