Leave the city behind

Looking to buy a house and keep losing out? We are seeing an influx of families moving to our area and buying up homes, sometimes sight unseen and all cash offers. On top of this, our market is facing a housing shortage that was started during the construction collapse in 2008-2009, when many contractors and tradesman left the area or the industry altogether.

With the records that the local real estate market set last year, you would think that things would eventually be headed for a slowdown and correction in pricing, and six months ago I would have agreed with that projection, but based on the number of calls that we are receiving from out of the area buyers asking if we have any homes available or soon to be available, my perspective has changed.

And I am not alone in this thinking: many real estate agents that I have worked with are seeing the same; customers selling their homes in big cities and moving here to get away from the big city drama. I welcome the newcomers, as they bring much needed revenue and spending to the area, but I hope they leave the big city behind.

Christopher Pelvin


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