Sheriff mismanages the jail

An Oct. 8 article gives credence to the character of Sheriff Tom Bensley. The Sheriff said some astonishing things during the county commission meeting. He defended not handing the accusations against Todd Ritter in the proper professional manner, which alone is his responsibility. He said nothing could have been done sooner to uncover Ritter's actions.

He then said there were no new polices or changes. He could write a policy where every deputy must report any wrongdoing they have knowledge or suspicion of or they will be subject to discipline. This policy would tear down the blue curtain, the unwritten code where officers won't snitch on each other just like the criminals.

Ritter's violations were swept under the carpet and now that the sheriff is being questioned about them, he is playing his "Political Attack Card." He said if wasn't a problem a year ago, why is it one now. Why on earth would he say anything like that? Possibly, because it doesn't matter to him today or a year ago. Whether it's a political attack don't treat it in the same manner he treated suicides, medical treatment or access to medication — do nothing until the public finds out.

Alvin "Al" Pedwaydon

Traverse City

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