Who is the president?

I called Rep. Jack Bergman’s Washington office on Oct. 28 with what I thought was a simple question.

I told the aide that I was planning to write a letter to the Record-Eagle and I wanted my facts correct.

My question was “does Rep. Bergman consider President Biden the legitimate president?” To my surprise, the aide said I’d have to speak with his supervisor. Are you kidding? You’re a staff member and you can’t answer this question?

After about four minutes, Supervisor “George” came on the line. I asked the question. I got no answer.

You mean you don’t know the answer? Supervisor George answered, “No.”

I asked George if Rep. Bergman would get back with me and was told my request would be passed to him.

I requested an email answer if possible. I’m checking my email every day and still no answer. Maybe someone else may have better luck.

Rep. Bergman’s Washington office number is 202-225-4735 and his Traverse City number is 231-944-7633.

In a democracy, voters have the right to know the political views of their representatives. I’m disappointed Rep. Bergman still hasn’t answered this question. I am asking other concerned citizens to urge Bergman to be more transparent with those he represents.

Gary L. Parteka


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