This is David-and-Goliath

A friend's letter supporting the FishPass project appeared in the Feb. 6 Record-Eagle, as well as your front page story. The massive FishPass project would re-make Union Street Dam Park into a research station. But first, as you reported, the project faces a court challenge.

The lawsuit — Rick Buckhalter v. Traverse City — illustrates the finest tradition of the U.S. system of government. A lone civic activist filed a conscientious complaint against the city because he felt the city violated its constitution — the city charter — by denying a public vote before re-purposing of the park. In addition to Record-Eagle's accurate reporting, we all can learn more about FishPass facts by watching court proceedings on the 13th Circuit Court YouTube channel "Judge Thomas G. Power live-stream."

This David-and-Goliath case should remind us that our legal system isn't just for fat cat lawyers and fat cat interests — no disrespect to cats. This man's case is being heard in a neutral court following our nation's finest tradition of respecting individual rights and individual voices.

My sincere thanks to the Record-Eagle for its coverage.

Grant Parsons

Traverse City

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