Conscience matters

I will remember Jan. 6, 2021, when the president incited a mob to assault the Capitol, like I remember watching 9/11 on TV or Kennedy's assassination. My vision was locked onto the day-of-the-locust mayhem that seemed fictional and didn't make sense, but was true.

Jan. 7 — after national leaders cowering as rioters battered the doors — northern Michigan's Republican Chairman stated Trump wasn't to blame and had "every right to ask his supporters to demand" action. (Record-Eagle, Page 2A) A little "sad" over a "mostly peaceful protest"? This when people of conscience are united in horror?

I still describe myself as a Milliken Republican Democrat because Republicans like the Millikens, Griffins, Engstroms, Taylors, Parsons, Okerstroms, Forsters, Bogleys and many others led a Republican Party that symbolized honesty, stability and intelligence. It was too stable for my sense of social justice, yet after I parted ways with the GOP over its war policy, it retained a visceral sense of integrity like my rare visits to my childhood church.

My Republican friends, does Jan. 6, 2021 represent your vision of America? If not, please express your vision to the Republican Party. The only time conscience matters is when tested, and this is one of those times.

Grant Parsons

Traverse City

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