Get vaccinated, please

I appreciate reading Fred Goldenberg’s columns in the Record-Eagle. He is clear and insightful. He is also bold. In his column “Do unto others: Give the gift of vaccination this Christmas” (Dec. 22), he writes, “I find myself loathing those who refuse to get vaccinated, yet when they get sick, rush to the hospital and beg to be saved.”

“Loathing” is a powerful word. According to, the origins of it refer to “hostile” and “hateful.” Anti-vaxxers hate the vaccine, and many vaxxers are now hating them. The divide deepens when Tucker Carlson at the recent Turning Point USA conference said that those of us urging vaccination want to “punish people.” How absurd.

Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor, agrees with Fred Goldenberg. In a recent Guardian column (Dec 23), he argues that anti-vaxxers endanger everybody: they overwhelm hospitals and thus make it harder to treat “all health needs and emergencies," they increase the risk of breakthrough infections for the vaccinated and “they are incubators for the next variant.”

The solution is simple and sane. “Go get vaccinated,” says Fred Goldenberg. Yes.

William Palmer

Traverse City

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