Stop RV park

I am writing to express my concerns regarding a second application for a Special Use Permit to continue to construct a RV park at the south end of Torch Lake in Milton Township.

Adding 70 RV spaces to Torch River area will increase the number of residences several times over. This area is already overly congested in the summer months and the potential for the requested maximum of 700 more people in this small area only makes things worse for those of us who live here.

This second application is riddled with ordinance inconsistencies just like the first one was. Everything from trailer storage off season (which is not allowed in current zoning) to inadequate parking which guarantees overflow onto River, Cherry Avenue and Miller roads. This developer has completely removed glacial ridges that should have been protected and decimated the natural green belt along the roads bordering this land. Green belts are required in the ordinance.

Once again the Milton taxpayers are footing the bill in terms of legal costs as this downstate developer tries to forever change our environment and character of the community to increase his profits. Please, Milton Township, deny this application.

Dan Packer

Rapid City

Support short-term rental owners

Disgruntled, un-American folks despise people who support short term rental (STR) and basic property rights. You should support Michigan House and Senate bills 4722 and 446.

STR supporters represent economic progress and beautifying cities, townships and counties. These unwavering, positive people are what America is built on. They donate, support and create.

The House and Senate bills protect property rights. The bills exist because the sharing economy brought new business models that are harder for local leaders to grasp. These bills help community leaders protect original American rights. Basic rights are attacked by unhinged, closet philosophers who bombard local government employees with petty issues, painting the world in fear and negative arguments about STR. They steal government employees’ time away from building cities, townships and counties.

STR has been in Michigan for decades. It adds venues for travelers. Responsible owners increase neighborhood values as they care for their property — they get ratings. There are some bad apples among renters or owners. Local ordinances and opportunities to call the police exist if there is a true issue.

Stop unfounded “what if” arguments about STR. Save America from destructive people. The STR concept is America.

Call your reps to support bills 4722 and 446 and protect your property rights for generations.

Beate Stumpe


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