Acknowledge Bergman's accomplishments

When acknowledging and expressing appreciation to the work of a public servant becomes subject to an onerous display of political correctness, it is time to ask ourselves, or perhaps it is indeed the answer, as to why the quality of America’s public servants is so poor.

Rep. Jack Bergman has served our country with honor and distinction, both wearing the uniform and in the halls of Congress. The failure of the Grand Traverse County board to acknowledge and express appreciation for that service is nothing less than shameful. One does not have to agree with all of the congressman’s positions to show an appreciation for his work and integrity.

Indeed, such integrity, as we all know, is the exception rather than the rule in D.C. these days. The First District is fortunate to have Jack Bergman representing the people. The members of the county board could take some lessons from our congressman.

Allen Olender

Traverse City

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