Parking lots aren't leadership

It’s a tragic story: an institution that is supposed to educate future leaders is led by staff that isn’t thinking about the future.

A parking lot on the Traverse City Area Public Schools 14th Street property doesn’t benefit anything but the efficient storage and movement of vehicles. What would actually be beneficial for the children of TCAPS is housing. Safe and affordable housing for them and their parents. Residential stability provides the support children need to succeed in school. They have elevated vocabularies and are more socially outgoing. Children who live in cities walk more and become healthy, outgoing members of the community. Children and their families need to be interwoven into the fabric of Traverse City.

TCAPS has an opportunity to be a leader by creatively designing a mixed-use development that will provide the stability children and parents need to become thoughtful and productive members of northern Michigan. It puts them, TCAPS included, at the center of a community that values active lifestyles, entrepreneurship and education. TCAPS is on the threshold of proving they believe in the future by showing its students and families they are valued future leaders.

Shea M. O'Brien

Traverse City

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