Be proud of our seniors

Traverse City is proud to be one of Michigan’s top tourist cities. Munson Medical Center is proud to be one of Michigan’s top hospitals. People are coming from all over to retire in Traverse City and the Grand Traverse area.

So, why can’t the Traverse City Commission and the Grand Traverse County Commission be proud of our seniors and build one of Michigan’s top senior centers on the bay? If you drive by the Senior Center, you will see our seniors involved in many activities available to them. It is a place to meet new friends, feel safe and have fun. To me, that’s a warm feeling and something to be proud of.

Don’t start over. You have the plans that the seniors picked out for all their needs with plenty of parking in 2019. The property has plenty of room to build on. People have been making donations to a trust fund that is established to get the ball rolling to build on the bay.

Common sense says it’s time to build a new, beautiful senior center on the bay. Our seniors deserve the best.

Steven Edward Nyland

Traverse City

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