Pay it forward

Recently while shopping in Traverse City, I found myself standing behind a lady. She appeared pleasant, although we barely spoke. She was checking out ahead of me and as she left, she turned and handed something to me.

Instinctively I reached out to accept it, and then tried to decline. She insisted. As this transpired in a brief moment, I didn't register what she had handed me. She disappeared into the crowd before I was actually aware of what she had given me. Those who know me know that I am seldom speechless, but this moment was an exception. I'm certain I said "Thank you,” but I worry if she heard me.

I really, really want this lady to know how much I appreciated her kindness and I'd like her to know that yes, I did "pay it forward" the next day. I always enjoy hearing about these random acts of kindness but never thought I'd be a recipient.

I am, however, so very thankful that I was and I can only wish my "lady" a wonderful Christmas season.

Penny Novarro


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