We hold the power

The road ahead is not straight and will be filled with ostensibly appealing short cuts and obstacles. However, the path to our success lies not in short cuts or expedience. It lies in our aspiration, as a people, to not just hear but listen to each other, to take the blinders off, fully open our eyes, engage our minds and create an atmosphere in which important decisions affecting not only us as a people but by extension, all kind, are the result of deliberative effort.

"We The People" is not a slogan; it is not part of a promotional campaign; it is not even about government. It is about us, the people, a collective of imperfect minds, talents and desires that as, and only as, a collaborative hold the answers. We hold all the power to form a more perfect future for society, for a nation, for all kind.

We also hold the power to destroy it — it is up to us. For we directly or indirectly laid cause or by indifference allowed that which happened, is happening or is yet to happen. The only finger pointing that holds any truth or lasting value is that which points at us.

Randall Nash

Traverse City

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