Please help stop gun violence

Why? Help me understand. How can we go on hearing about children, teachers and loved ones being slaughtered everyday with assault weapons and do nothing about it? Are we paralyzed or numb? I'm sad. I'm enraged.

Do you know what an assault weapon does when the bullet hits a child? It can blow apart the skull or demolish vital organs, and make a child unrecognizable. It is shameful beyond measure that we have allowed this to continue. Are we going to just pray and talk about it – or pretend it didn't happen? Why are our policymakers not acting?

Michigan has enacted three gun reform bills: Safe storage, universal background checks and at-risk protection orders. This is good, but not enough. 

Why do we need weapons of mass destruction? They are used only to kill people, not to hunt or protect ourselves.

Please join me in writing to policymakers, newspapers, speaking out, becoming better informed, marching and/or donating money to organizations such as March for Our Lives, Everytown for Gun Safety and Giffords Law Center. Please just do something.

This is the very least we can do to make assault weapons illegal. There is power in numbers.

Kay Myers

Suttons Bay

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