Time for a change

Taking from my recent COVID readings, I feel compelled to share from Page 55 of the (2006) Levitt/Dubner book "Freakonomics." The authors are writing about the origins of the Klu Klux Klan as those origins impact that white supremacist group moving into the 1940s. It was made up of "a sorry fraternity of men, most of them poorly educated and with poor prospects, who needed a place to vent — and an excuse for occasionally staying out all night."

Sound familiar? Some things never change while some change very slowly. This passage addresses the 1940s, but pick any decade in our country's history and there will be strife enough to arouse supremacist behaviors. We have all been witnessing those behaviors this year in Michigan. Regardless of one's views, it is a sad situation when our governor is the target of kidnapping and execution plots. Firearms in our State Capital building? Division cultivated by those in power? As COVID-19 (hopefully) begins to subside in 2021, may these abhorrent behaviors also crawl back under their rocks. We can do and be so much better than this. It is certainly time for a change.

Wishing everyone out there health and safety.

Jake Morse

Traverse City

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