Time to plant trees

The coming carbon dioxide apocalypse and an asteroid the size of Sicily striking the earth are both extinction events. The only difference being one takes seconds, the other 100 years of slow roasting, suffocating torture to wipe out 99.99 percent life on the planet.

We have about 10 years before the CO2 rise is irreversible, signaling game over and billions of tons of heat-trapping methane will be released from the melting permafrost, greatly accelerating the deadly temperature rise. Humanity’s failure to act will have turned the planet into an inescapable brazen bull with all of Earth’s life locked inside.

A Swiss study says we’ll have one guaranteed, easily doable option to reverse the CO2 rise — planting, worldwide, at least a trillion CO2-trapping, oxygen-making, planet-shading trees. A group of people in Ethiopia planted 353 million trees in 12 hours on July 28, 2019. Hopefully we have 3,650 24-hour days left to act. Let’s roll — time’s running out.

William Minore


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