There is more to the story

It would be a great help if the Record-Eagle would put Father Mitch Roman's sermon in the paper. Just reading one side of the story is not fair reporting. Perhaps there are many that would disagree with Jan Renollet Chapman, Mayor Jim Carruthers and Sherri Glezman (she didn't say her son's husband is President Joe Biden's Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg.)

Being a cradle Catholic, along with a practicing Catholic, I know we are all sinners. We, as Catholics, believe in mercy along with our Catholic Doctrine. If one does not like to follow those beliefs, there are many other religions out there that will accept you. Many in the priesthood want to guide them. It may not be compassion, not to. We all have crosses to bear -- some are harder. No one is perfect, even those that try to help. We can all strive to get there — Heaven is the goal if we follow Him. Catholics believe that.

I am a member of St. Francis Church. Father Mitch Roman is a faithful servant of God. I've been blessed to have him as my priest. If you have disagreements with this letter, it's OK — I won't judge you.

Darlene Miller

Traverse City

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