A matter of health

The science and safety behind vaccines is not new. Thanks to this and various public health requirements, devastating diseases like smallpox and polio have been eradicated. We could do the same against the COVID-19 threat, but there has been much misinformation causing confusion and resistance to indicated preventive measures such as masks and vaccinations.

FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines do not include live viruses and cannot cause COCVID. They work by beefing up our body's natural defenses to target and attack a specific enemy such as the exceptionally contagious COVID-19, that is now responsible for well over half a million deaths, just in the U.S. The longer we allow this virus to thrive, the greater the risk of mutations that may form resistance to vaccines, and become even more infectious and deadly than now. Health care workers are especially exhausted and in desperate need of our help.

This is a public health matter for which defiance has no place. Help stop suffering and help struggling businesses and schools truly thrive again. If you have not been vaccinated, make plans to get an FDA-approved vaccination against COVID now. You can also go to vaccinations.gov if more information is needed.

G. Bob Miller, M.D.


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