Intimidation is an illegitimate means

People resort to intimidation when they lack legitimate means of getting their way. 2020 has been a showcase of such tactics. Armed men and women stormed our state capital in the spring to fight COVID-19 restrictions. Local men are accused of participating in a plot to kidnap our governor for taking strong measures to protect public health. Front line workers are harassed and threatened for enforcing policies to wear masks and socially distance in public places.

The people who showed up at the home of our secretary of state a few weeks ago with their guns and megaphones came to harass Secretary Jocelyn Benson and her family because all legal channels to challenge votes for President-elect Joe Biden had failed.

“Our democracy is resilient,” wrote Benson in a recent op-ed, “Those who guard and defend it remain undeterred. And we now need every leader, and every citizen, to join us in responding to these misguided attacks against the truth.”

She’s right.

Let’s lift up our election officials, our elected officers and front line workers for remaining undeterred in doing their jobs in the face of intimidation by people who don’t value democracy, public health or the truth.

Ann McPhail


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