We can't do nothing

Climate change has been shown to have serious effects on public health, especially in low-income communities. As a registered nurse who has worked in the public health field for many years, I am encouraged that our state and federal legislators are coming to the realization that climate change is a serious problem and that we have less than ten years to mitigate the damage that fossil fuels are causing to our planet.

Many academic studies have demonstrated that a carbon tax would be the single most effective strategy to address the alarming rise in global temperatures. Studies have also indicated that pricing carbon would be good for business, leading more Republican members of Congress to support climate legislation.

I encourage readers to ask the president, as well as their representatives in the U.S. House and Senate, to include a carbon tax in the current budget reconciliation bills.

We are all aware that big polluters like China and India are underachieving on climate action, in spite of recent commitments to do better. So why should the U.S. tax carbon polluters? The worst thing we can do is to do nothing, that's why.

Climate change has been shown to have serious effects.

Heide McNichols

Traverse City

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